About Mr. Worldview

My name is Alex Charles, a 29-year-old New Yorker working in London as a Financial Services Technology Consultant.  I am stumbling through self-discovery and growth of my worldview.  I hate the feeling of complacency or the perceived safety of staying within a comfort zone.  Several years ago, I noticed a yearning to develop my view of the world and grasp my place in it.  Mr. Worldview was born from a desire to see, do and know more.  I want to deliver content for self-development and understanding of other people and their maps of reality.

Ultimately, Personal Growth is enhanced When exposed to different views and viewpoints


Travelling has expanded my worldview and put me in contact with unfamiliar people, places and cultures.  Our comfort zone separates us from relating with people who don’t look, speak, or act like us.  As a result, we can dangerously devalue other people’s human experience and elevate our own. Content in this section gives a glimpse into other countries and cultures and encourages travelling more.

Civic Engagement

I feel uneasy that America seems more divided now across a range of sociopolitical issues than ever before.  While there are legitimate differences, it seems impossible to disagree without being disagreeable. There isn’t a desire to connect with those whom we disagree or understand where they are coming from.  Content in this section helps us reject the political extremist behaviour that has forced our public discourse to the fringes.

Mr. Worldview’s Mission

My mission is to cultivate a spirit of harmony and goodwill between people, cultures and viewpoints.  I want to reject division and seek to promote tolerance, empathy and cooperation.  Ultimately, Personal Growth is enhanced when exposed to different views and viewpoints.