“The essence of self-care is prioritizing the overall & complete development of Every dimension of wellness in your life.”

“what’s up, how are you?

It’s the question asked daily – as a casual greeting from an acquaintance or the friend in a rush who doesn’t exactly expect an actual response.  But how are you doing…really?  Overall wellness, not just physical health, is a multi-dimensional state of being that is spread across several interconnected key areas:


Personal connection to meaning, purpose, values & beliefs in human existence.


Care for the state of the body - Rest, nutrition, exercise and self-image.


Capacity to recognize, express and manage feelings within self and others.


Ability to learn & problem solve to activate creativity and stimulate mental capacity.


Satisfaction and management of income, expenses, debt, savings, investments and other resources.


Personal satisfaction and enrichment in life through one's work and career.


Sense of relationship and connection to others.

One-on-One Coaching

Coaching is a powerful alliance and results oriented process aimed to build self-awareness, unlock your potential and empower you to remove obstacles and close the gap between who you are and who you want to be.

Wellness Coaching Program

What’s Included?

Coaching Expertise

All Programs

YOU are the expert of your life and how you should live it. The coach is your partner who is an expert on the coaching process. We work together on a consistent basis to raise awareness and strategically get you what you want as you define it.

Wellness Evaluation & Debrief

All Programs

Each Coaching Relationship begins with an evaluation and debrief of each dimension of wellness in your life. The purpose and goal of the evaluation is to set the baseline of wellness and to measure progress throughout the coaching alliance.

Worldview Evaluation & Debrief

Choice and Total Wellness Only

How we view the world determines how the world manifests for us. Learn about the "7 Worldviews" and the ways in which your view of the world influences the results you receive.

Between Session Assignments

Choice and Total Wellness Only

Muscles grow after a workout and when you sleep, not during the workout itself. The insights gained during your coaching sessions are applied through customized assignments according to your goals.

Post Session Report

All Programs

At the completion of each coaching session, a post session review report is sent that summarizes session goals, insights and between session assignments.

Unlimited Messaging Access

Choice and Total Wellness Only

Email anytime if you need support or have a question.

Let’s Work Together!

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of coaching, wellness and rates, sign up for a 30 minute complementary session.

About Mr. WorldviewCertified Professional Coach (CPC)
Wellness + Self-Care

Meet Alex

This all started in 2014 when I noticed a yearning to develop my view of the world both literally and figuratively. And so I travelled around the globe to do just that - stumbling through self-discovery, meeting people, exploring cultures and having experiences that's brought me to this path of total wellness. Now as a Certified Professional Coach and member of the National Wellness Institute, I empower men and women to travel the world of wellness and experience balance and satisfaction in life. I want to inspire and empower people around the world to intentionally and continuously strive towards complete fulfillment of their highest potential and aspirations.

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