There are over 7 billion people on Planet Earth.  Each experiencing the world and a phenomenon called life in a truly unique and personal way.  And our worldview is our theory and understanding of the world. It is our map of reality and we all have one. The content on this site aims to develop worldviews while addressing two specific areas:

1Travel – Cultural Worldviews


We can often get stuck in comfort zones and familiarity – a safe space, i.e. the cocoon and the caterpillar.  This “safe space” of only being exposed to people who look, act and think like us can be a breeding ground for prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness of other people and cultures.  This is clear with issues like xenophobia, extreme nationalism, and racism.


This generation is more likely than their older counterparts to travel the world.  Travelling helps people leave their comfort zone, expand their perspective of the world and grow.  Travelling to foreign countries, learning historical context and culture, and meeting different types of people helps to fight misunderstanding.

2Civic Engagement – Political Worldviews


Rigid Worldviews, Political Polarisation and Ideological Divisions are producing a growing gap between Americans.  As a result, toxic public discourse and demonisation of fellow citizens are a threat to the country.  There is little overlap in information and news sources that present both sides accurately on a particular topic.  Therefore there is a failure of understanding and empathy.


Encouraging a sense of understanding of both sides of an issue to foster connection with those we may disagree is the first step to solving the challenges we face.  This does not necessarily have to change our own worldview but at the very least it can help explain why another person believes what they believe.  We need to create a safe space for open civil discussion on issues and solutions and encourage worldviews that seek harmony and tolerance over division and discord.

Check out the About Mr. Worldview section for more information.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the solutions to these two problems identified?

What are your thoughts?

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