Everything You Need to Know About the Relaunch of Mr. Worldview

The New Content Strategy for Mr. Worldview aims to be quality focused, more consistent and frequent. Expect Bi-weekly blog posts, weekly travel hacks and factchecks and a monthly web video series.

The Relaunch

They say consistency is key. And when this website launched last year, I underestimated this point.  From engaging blog posts to effective social media use, being a content creator is more involved than I originally thought.  It took some time to really reconsider who I wanted to appeal to, what I wanted to say and why I was doing this.  With that said, here is everything you need to know about the relaunch:


Blog Posts – Monday’s & Thursdays

Blog Posts are where you will find in-depth insights into the purpose of why I am doing this.  Previously I thought I could do this Monday – Friday, every week, maybe even multiple times a day.  I ran out of stamina quick.  So alternatively, twice a week seems manageable while allowing time for more quality content to marinate.  Particularly for political posts, neutrality was a tactic for fear that I would add to the Left Right divide.  That is the wrong way to go and trying to appeal to everyone will ultimately mean I appeal to no one. Expect two posts weekly of opinionated, useful and insightful content.


Travel Hack Tuesday – Travel Tips Every Tuesday

TravelHack Tuesday came about as a desire to become more experienced in travel.  I always feel as if there is a faster way through security checks, or that I should have used a different card for points etc.  There are so many experienced travellers that it seems overwhelming to try and learn all of their best practices at once.  I’ve decided to start small and share a couple of travel hacks each week to incorporate into our travel arsenal.  Share your favourite travel hacks with me for a feature!


Fact Check Friday – Political FactChecking Every Friday

Factcheck Friday came about from a desire to identify and expose some of the biggest Fake News claims that have surfaced.  Frankly whether you are a Democrat or Republican should make no difference because truth is truth.  An incorrect statement will undermine a potentially legitimate argument any day and just add to the confusion.  There is no meaningful discourse if we are not all operating under a common set of facts.  No fake news please.


Vantage Point – Feature Every Month

Vantage Point is a video series focused on a particular travel destination or political topic.  For travel, it provides my personal take on a place or an event and how others can plan a trip for themselves.  For politics, it provides a deep dive of a topic and explains it from a liberal and conservative perspective.  To find out when the next episode drops, subscribe to my Youtube Channel here.

What are your thoughts?

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