3 Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re a Victim of Procrastination

Trying to plan that next trip somewhere but can’t seem to focus? Want to start a blog but don’t know where to start? Procrastination may be tripping you up.

Mr. Worldview Procrastinating
Frustrated by Procrastination

Procrastination happens for many different reasons.  Some procrastinate because a particular task is tedious and unpleasant.  Others procrastinate because they feel they aren’t “ready” to tackle whatever it is they need to do.  Whatever the reasons, procrastination may occur because of the following:



1. Procrastination Diagnosis: “Am I a Dreamer?”

The inner and imaginary world can sometimes be a distraction.  It’s intimate and familiar, boundless and grandiose but most importantly safe.  The ideas and creations stored within the vault of our minds are free from criticism and not subject to the limits and boundaries of other people’s interpretations of the world.  But here lies the danger of being a dreamer.  Procrastination feeds on the inability to relinquish hold over plans, concepts, and opinions due to fear of rejection. We delay in manifesting it because it would no longer be safe in the comfort and cradle of our mind.  This is probably no different to an overprotective parent refusing to let their child out into the world.

Solution: In order for dreamers to overcome procrastination, we must be willing to face the risk of rejection and turn our possibilities into realities anyway.



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