Vantage Point filming
Vantage Point filming

I used to have a reoccurring nightmare.  As I casually walk down the street on a sunny day, I’m suddenly approached by a reporter recording a live television segment.  I am asked for my view point on a range of different topics:

  • “How do you feel about the President’s economic plan to put Americans back to work? 
  • “Why do you support/oppose the repeal effort of the Affordable Care Act?

A grey cloud forms and I frantically fumble through the answers like White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.  But wait, it gets worse.  The questions turn to basic government structure:

  • “What are the amendments in the Bill of Rights?”
  • “How does Congress pass a bill?”

Thunder and lightning appear.  At this point, I’m doing my best impression of President Trump’s Counselor, Kellyanne Conway, spewing out“Alternative Facts”.  But wait, it gets worse.  The questions turn to global affairs:

  • “What is the difference between the U.K, Great Britain, and Britain?”
  • “Can you name 15 African Countries?”

Thankfully I wake up in a cold sweat, safe and sound from the embarrassment that awaited.  But however unlikely this scenario seems, being unable to fully answer these questions is a real problem that a lot of us face.  Therefore, Vantage Point is an entertaining (Disclaimer: i’m biased) web series that should have you covered.

Vantage Point: Politics

Vantage Point Politics provides information on American state of affairs.  The problem today is twofold.  First, we are extremely polarized. It seems like there is always an opposite ideological argument for a particular topic and zero appetite for consensus. We also have a very shallow understanding of historical context.  When linked to polarization, the blame for all problems start and end with a particular political party.

Vantage Point Politics is for you if you want…

  1. a basic historical context of America and its “issues”
  2. a high level liberal/conservative understanding of things
  3. an analysis of Obama’s actions vs. Trump’s actions

Watch Episode 1 “Divided We Fall”:

Vantage Point: Travel

Vantage Point Travel provides profiles on countries and cities.  This is vastly important in this globalized world. Hence, experiencing different cultures through travel has the potential to expand our thinking and break down walls of separation and division.

Vantage Point Travel is for you if you want…

  1. a basic cultural context of a particular country or city
  2. travel tips, places to see & things to do
  3. an overall personal travel experience

What Vantage Point is NOT

To be absolutely clear, Vantage Point is not my personal soap box to showcase how much I know about a particular topic.  This is just as much an exercise for my own worldview development as it may be for you.  I am not a political science major or professional commentator.  But I am a person who takes very seriously the spread of truth and factual information to dispel ignorance and build consensus.   I do not wish to further the spread of fake news or blatant partisan spin.

While Vantage Point will not go into exhaustively deep analysis, it should ensure a basic level of understanding of the issues we face and the world we live in.  Furthermore, it should help us not to look like a complete idiot if confronted.  Observe:

Ultimately, what would you want to see from a future episode of Vantage Point: Politics/Travel?


  1. How about a mix of politics and travel…

    Take a trip. Meet some people. What do they fear they don’t know? If placed in a room and had to teach a subject, what would make them nervous as to how much they know? Make a video just for them.

What are your thoughts?

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