Mr. Worldview travelling around the European continent
Eurostar to Paris, France

I have a plan to visit countries of 3 different continents in 3 years.

I never really knew or appreciated the impact of travel until now.  Continents like Europe, Asia and Africa were, in essence, abstract theoretical places.  My empirical understanding of the world included a handful of states across the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.  Basically only North America.   And at the time that seemed enough.  I never tapped into the desire to venture further than that.  it just never seemed likely or possible.

It’s difficult to isolate the exact reasons for what motivates a decision.  It could be a million and one different factors coming together at the right moment that sparks an idea.  For me, this idea of travelling more and moving to London stemmed from friends speaking with enthusiasm of their life changing semesters abroad and various trips.  It stemmed from U.K. colleagues with different ways of pronouncing words and unfamiliar sayings and customs that I found captivating and intriguing.  It was reading about global events and an American President with an unconventional upbringing and ancestry.

The Continents: Europe, Asia, Africa

In 2016, I had a goal to travel to 16 European countries.  At the time this did not seem overly ambitious as London’s proximity to various other cities allowed for weekend trips.  All throughout last year I had the pleasure of seeing new places, meeting new people and learning all about the different cultures from all over the continent.

In 2017 and 2018, I plan to continue the journey by visiting countries within Asia and Africa.  The personal growth that I have experienced in the last year of travel is unlike any other learning experience thus far.  I learned about different parts of the world and how we humans are interconnected.  But I have also expanded my comfort zone, perceptions of myself and how I fit within this global context.  It has given me profound appreciation for my own story, culture and home.

Other individuals inspired me to travel more.  I hope I may serve as a source of inspiration to someone who similarly hasn’t considered it likely or possible either.

What are your thoughts?

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